Anna Rahe is the founder, owner and creator of GST Body.  A dancer and Pilates instructor, Anna began her journey 20 years ago after years of pain caused by bad patterns  from training and modern life.. Developing the GST method allowed her to reengage with her body with intention and mindfulness .  The  boutique studio is located in Los Angeles.

GST is an integrated holistic body-are system that combines a new  paradigm of dynamic alignment with movement and traction sequences to allow for the self -manipulation of fascia.   GST challenges students to work beyond their perceived limits and discover their own internal physicality, in essence students become their own body workers. Injury prevention and rehabilitation are embedded into the fabric of the technique as the manipulation of fascia opens up space taking the pressure off of joints while breaking down overstressed and inflamed muscle tissue that can cause poor postural patterns , injury and  chronic pain. GST can be practiced in a class setting or a private or semi-private session.  

Work can vary from an athletic approach to reshape and restructure the body (Conscious Conditioning) to protecting fascia from the damaging effects of modern living  (Anti-Aging) or those who are looking for relief from pain and injury (Movement Medicine) . GST is for  all body types, ages and levels of expertise and anyone who wants to add another dimension to their healthy lifestyle.